Giving During the Corvid Lockdown Restrictions!


During this difficult time when our church buildings are closed, we are still a church meeting 'virtually' online, for prayer, services and fellowship, loving our neighbours by offering practical support to the vulnerable, and caring for our communities.

The work of our church is reliant on people’s generosity, a generosity that is a hallmark of a lived-out faith and a testament to it.

We give to our church in a variety of ways, but with the closure of all our buildings we cannot receive all the gifts that we usually would, so we really need your help now.

If you are able to give more at this time, here’s how you can help...


Click on this link - All Saints Give-a-Little Campaign - to be taken directly to our Give-a-Little giving page, where you can make donations electronically using your credit or debit cards, and also, if you are a UK Taxpayer, register your gift as Gift-Aided so that the tax can be reclaimed as well.

 Or point your SmartPhone camera to the QR code to make a one-off donation via Parish Giving. 

The 'Parish Giving Scheme' is a nationally organised way of organising your regular giving to your local church. Using the Direct Debit system, which is guaranteed by the banks, the Scheme enables the donor to make a regular gift to their Local Church via their own bank, and which can also arrange the automated recovery of Gift Aid tax rebates for those who pay tax, which will grow your gift by about 25%. These rebates are credited to your church accounts on a monthly basis rather than the 6 or 12 monthly delayed payment usually applied to Gift-Aided rebates, which will help your church to budget accurately throughout the year.

During late 2019 All Saints, Pontefract became one of the first Parishes in the Leeds Diocese to adopt this scheme as a way for our congregations and supporters to give on a regular

 bases to the Parish. It has been taken up by a number of our regular givers and has been very well received. It significantly reduces the amount of record keeping at the local church level and every penny of the donation goes to the local church without any deductions or charges being levied.

It may be used by tax payers or non-tax payers, and is controlled by you, the donor. You can vary, stop or pause your donations simply by contacting the Parish Giving Scheme itself, and you can choose to make all your gifts absolutely anonymous, and also, you may opt to have the Scheme send you an annual reminder to review your giving in the light of your personal circumstances and inflation, and vary your giving accordingly.

In 2020 the Anglican Diocese of Leeds adopted this scheme as the preferred way of organising local regular giving and more information about it can be accessed via this link...


or contact our Treasurer or other PCC member and ask for a PGS form.

 or for an online application go to ONLINE SIGN UP PAGE

For your one-off donations or other offerings to wards God's work though All Saints in Pontefract, we do have on site facilities for Pin & Chip or Contactless payments too