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We are advised that weddings may  take place from 4th July, but see below for some of the issues regarding wedding preparation and calling of Banns. Also there will be a limit to the number attendees which will include those necessary for the wedding plus a few guests, and who will still need to respect the then current Social Distancing precautions and wearing of face coverings.


Even as these restrictions are lifted however, a wedding in church is usually pre-notified by the 'Calling of Banns' on three occasions in advance, at the usual main Sunday service. If this is not going to be possible due to temporary restrictions it would be necessary to apply for a 'Common Licence' from the Diocesan Registrar in advance and this would replace the Calling of Banns for those weeks, and which has to be applied for in person in Leeds for our area, and costs £200.00, or moved to a date where Banns can be read in advance.


We will be contacting all couples who have weddings booked with us in the near future in order to talk about all this and decide upon what to do in each case.

There is some more information on the Church of England website @ https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-churches#na

 And about Common Licences @ https://www.yourchurchwedding.org/article/common-licences/



We are now able to conduct Baptism services in our church, subject to restrictions that include a maximum of  people attending, and all who can should wear Face Coverings whilst in the Church building. We are currently trying to contact everyone who already has a Baptism booked to let them know this and if possible make fresh arrangements, but please be patient as we will have a backlog of existing applications and this may take some time.

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