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Baptisms, or Christenings as they are sometimes known, are usually held on the First and Third Sundays of each month. 


To book a Baptism, in the first instance either contact our Parish Office most Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday's and Fridays between from 10.30am for a few hours on 01977 600230. Otherwise, if you come to one of our Sunday Morning 10.00am services and make yourselves known after the service to one of the Ministers, or ask for Brian and/or Pat Pilkington.


We will then arrange to come and visit your family at your home and finalise the date and other details.


For children it is traditional to nominate Three God Parents, who will help on the day by speaking on the child's behalf and then afterwards by being their Spiritual guides and reminding them of a day which, especially if they are very young, they will not be able to remember for themselves, so that when they are old enough to understand they may continue their Christian Faith Journey by coming for Confirmation.


The Godparents should, if possible, be themselves Baptised members of the Church, but this need not be a bar to them as they may also be Baptised at the same time.


Your first contact for Baptisms should be your own local Parish Church. A Parish is a bit like a school catchment area, and everyone has their own Parish Church. So, if you live outside of Pontefract then check which is your Parish Church by visiting the 'A Church Near You' website and entering your address or postcode. 


The Church welcomes children of all ages for Baptism, and Adults too. 

Baptism is a sign of obedience to Christ in our lives, and is open for all and not just children. If you have never been baptised and are interested in finding out more then contact us on 01977 600230 to arrange a meeting.


For those over the age of about 12 years old Baptism is on the basis of your own confession of faith, so you do not need God Parents as you will be able to make the promises and Confessions of Faith on your own behalf. You may still like to nominate one or more sponsors who will be able to help you and guide you in this and future stages in your Faith Journey, which might include being Confirmed in your Faith and into the fellowship of the Church. 

See the page about Confirmation HERE