#mctmp#mctmp#mctmpSermon 30th September All Saints - God's Awesome Presence

The Wedding at Cana - 20th January 2018

The Presentation of Christ int he Temple - Candlemas

5th Sunday of Easter - Abraham and Isaac and God's Faith?

Trinity Sunday - Rublev's Icon

1st. Sunday after Trinity - At His feet, the place to be

3rd. Sunday After Trinity - What Really Matters

3rd Sunday in Lent 'Who is a Pardoning God Like Thee?'

Palm Sunday 2023

Passion Sunday Evening - Lamentations and Hope!

Wednesday 7th June - 'Sad-U-See!' 

Trinity II Evening Service  - Ordinary Bread?

Trinity IV Evening Service - Of Kings and Witches - King Saul gets more than he bargains for!

Trinity  VI - By What Authority - By What Authority did Jesus work and teach?

11th Sunday after Trinity 20th August - Bring your Bottles - Not a Few! 2 Kings chapter 4 - A Widow's Faith and Obedience.

13th Sunday after Trinity - Sharing God's Bountiful Grace

All Saints Sunday - The Saints in the Book of Revelations - 'The Saints', as found in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John

All Saints Sunday Evening -' Tears Over Jerusalem' - Some thoughts on the conflict in Israel / Palestine

Wednesday 5th June 2024 Sermon - 'I know whom I have believed' - 2 Timothy Chapter 1

Trinity 3 Evening Service - The Potter's Hands

Trinity 3 Morning Service - There is New Creation

Evensong 9th June - It is Not That God's Word Had Failed!

Trinity 1 Morning Service - Jars of Clay / Lamps of Fire

Wednesday 19th June - How to Live the Kingdom

The Holy Spirit - the Person Without a Face?

A series of talks about the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

The Holy Spirit is sometimes the 'Forgotten Person' of the Trinity, but without the Holy Spirit in our lives we miss out on so much that God the Father, through Jesus, His Son and our Saviour would give us. Our Prayer, our Reading of God's Word and our Living as Christians - as Followers of Jesus - should be founded upon and empowered by the Holy Spirit, God's gift to us that just keeps on giving!

Week 1 - The Holy Spirit - the 3rd Person - Trinity Sunday

Week 2 - The Person Without a Face - Pointing to the Father and the Son

Week 3 - The Holy Spirit at Prayer - our Prayer Guide and Prayer Partner

Week 4 - Reading In The Spirit - Did not our hearts burn within us? - The Holy Spirit our guide as we read the Scriptures

Week 5 - God's Giving Gift 1 - The Holy Spirit - the Gift that keeps giving

Week 6 - God's Giving Gift 2 - Good Gifts for God's People

Week 7 - Bearing Fruit! - Fruit that will last