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Below are some of our recent Bible Study, Confirmation Course notes, etc...


Usually all our Bible Study evenings are on a Thursday at 7.00pm in Grenton - All Saints Vicarage, South Baileygate

Confirmation Course Notes...

Confirmation Course 2018 part 1 .pdf

Confirmation Course 2018 part 2 .pdf

Confirmation Course 2018 part 3 .pdf

Confirmation Course 2018 part 4 .pdf


Lent Course 2020 Notes...

Images for Lent Course

Week 1 Introduction

Psalm 105 With Responses for Meditation/Prayer

Week 1 Dust Worksheet 1 -Leader's Copy

Week1 Dust Worksheet 1

Week 2 On the Mountain Worksheet 1

Week 2 On the Mountain Worksheet 1 Leader's Copy

Week 2 On the Mountain Part 1

Week 2 On the Mountain Part 1 Leader's Copy


Life of St. Paul ...

Meeting God in Paul Part 1     Meeting God in Paul Part 2    Meeting God in Paul Part 3


Life of St. Peter ...

Life of St. Peter Part 1   Life of St. Peter Part 2   Life of St. Peter Part 3   Life of St. Peter Part 4

Like of St. Peter Part 5   Life of Peter Part 6   Life of Peter Part 7


The Lord's Prayer - An Advent Study Course

Paul's Letter to Philemon - A Short Study - A Parable about the Gospel imperative to live a life as Family, in Love.

Paul's Letter to Titus


The Life of Abraham...

Abraham week 1 - Being Called      Abraham Week 2 -    Abraham Week 3 - 

Abraham Week 4 -     Abraham Week 5 -   Abraham Week 6 -    Abraham Week 7 -    Abraham Week 8 - 


The Life of Isaac...

The life of Isaac Week 1 -     The Life of Isaac Week 2 -


The Life Of Jacob

Jacob Part 1   Jacob Part 2  Jacob Part 3 Jacob Part 3 Leader's Version

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